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Horse hair analysis

A horse hair analysis offers the possibility to detect deficiencies of an organism. These include a wide variety of physical and psychological limitations / complaints.

There is a permanent risk of mineral deficiency, deficiency of trace elements, impairment by environmental toxins or geopathic stress (earth radiation, electrosmog, grid zones such as Hartmann, Curry or Benker grids, etc.).

Finally, a horse hair analysis can provide crucial information regarding the musculoskeletal system, immune system and organs such as liver, kidney, heart, digestive system and others.

For typical symptoms such as

a horse hair analysis can be the solution.

If your horse shows one or more of the above symptoms, it is important to act quickly.

Ask for a hair analysis to find out what is wrong with the horse. Among other things, blockages and tensions are registered in the horse’s hair. If blockages exist, it is indicated exactly which vertebrae are affected, for example “10th thoracic vertebra tilted to the left, 8th thoracic vertebra tilted to the left, 3rd lumbar vertebra tilted to the right, 4th cervical vertebra tilted to the left, etc.”. With such precise information, a physiotherapist or osteopath can start a targeted therapy.

Particularly noteworthy is the gentle method of horse hair analysis. Since the horse hairs do not need to contain a hair root to perform a horse hair analysis, they can simply be cut off. If the hair root were needed, the hair would have to be torn out.This does not cause much pain, but if there is a gentler method, such as cutting the horse hair close to the horse’s body, there is no reasonable reason why the gentler method should not be used.

Hair has the ability to reveal the whole truth about the condition of an organism. A horse hair analysis is also a good method for retrospectively understanding how long a horse has been suffering from a condition or disease.

The unique feature of hair analysis is its ability to provide a long-term picture of the horse’s health. Among other things, a horse hair analysis is a reliable method of determining mineral levels and toxin levels (e.g. environmental toxins) in the body long before symptoms become apparent. Various studies have found links between toxins and diseases such as cancer and osteoarthritis.