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Purchase protection

The joy of a healthy, powerful horse cannot be expressed in words. The relationship between man and horse is something very special. Especially if a horse is to be used in high performance sport, “winning genes” are important for the horse to be successful.

Whether a horse is capable of winning races/tournaments depends on many factors. However, if the basic physical and psychological characteristics are missing, it takes a lot of effort and expense for a horse to become a champion. In the worst case, the horse remains without a single victory, or ends up average.

With a horse, considerable maintenance costs apply. Victories are part of the finance plan. Hereditary diseases, congenital diseases or other deficiencies can be revealed by hair analysis. If the purchase of a race/tournament horse is being considered, certain organs of the horse may be “stricken”. For example, hairline fractures of major arteries (e.g., aorta) can also be detected. A horse with such a deficiency, may no longer be used in high performance sports, because otherwise an arterial rupture threatens.

This shows why an assessment of the performance potential is necessary.

Advantages of a purchase protection

  • Complete check of the horse for physical and psychological diseases / deficits
  • Indications of hereditary diseases
  • Assessment of the performance potential (high performance horse / riding horse)
  • Information about conditions of crucial organs / blood vessels etc. (e.g. hairline fractures that are not detectable by X-ray)
  • Information about the overall health condition, including conditions that cannot be palpated
  • statements about susceptibility of injuries
  • indications concerning continuity (e.g. a horse is able to win a race or a horse has the characteristics to be permanently successful)
  • Insights into the mental state of the horse (e.g. has the horse been handled well in the past)
  • assistance in purchase decisions (e.g. selection in case of several purchase options)
  • etc.

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