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A horse hair analysis consists of the following services:

Services (general):

  1. Hair analysis by a laboratory (15 min.)
  2. Evaluation by the therapist approx. 10 DIN-A 4 pages (1.5 hrs.)
  3. Hair analysis by the therapist (15 min.)
  4. Preparing the results for the client (20 min.)
  5. Meeting with client (45 min.)

All in all, about 3 hrs of effort.

Regarding the costs of a horse hair analysis, please refer to the price list. For distances of more than 50 km, travel expenses may apply in individual cases.

In any case, our satisfaction guarantee applies: Not satisfied – pay nothing!
If the payment was made in the store, the full refund of the purchase price is made in such a case analogously.

You are unsure which hair analysis to select? Call right away so that this question can also be clarified. Phone: 0 72 52 – 580 540.