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On this site you’ll find various media reports and videos.

Media reports


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Warum Haaranalysen für Pferde so nutzbringend sind

Videos (in German)

Study on the performance potential of horses (7:07 Min.)

Is a hair analysis useful for a horse? (1:26 Min.)

Laminitis a treacherous disease detected early (2:47 Min.)

Psychology and horses (2:23 Min.)

Cushing’s syndrome in horse detected by hair analysis (2:45 Min.)

Hair analysis in a healthy horse (2:26 Min.)

What a horse hair analysis can do (1:45 Min.)

Druse – a highly contagious disease revealed by horse hair analysis (2:49)

Psychosomatics in a horse (3:51 Min.)

Correctly assess the psyche of a horse with a horse hair analysis (4:14 Min.)

Detect a joint chip (OCD chip) in a horse at an early stage by means of hair analysis (2:11 Min.)

Accurately determine the poisoning of a horse by hair analysis (3:33 Min.)

Hair analysis for a problem horse (4:37 Min.)

Anthrax detected in a horse by hair analysis (2:12 Min.)

A severely damaged aorta in a horse discovered by equine hair analysis (2:09 Min.)

Congenital heart defect in a horse (2:48 Min.)

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