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Benefits of hair analysis

„The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.“
(Albert Einstein, March 14 1879 – April 18 1955; Nobel prize 1921)

This page summarizes the advantages of hair analysis. A horse does not make a sound when it is sick. It also does not complain. Horse owners / riders / trainers, however, notice impairments in the horse because they know it very well. Often you can tell by the horse’s behavior that something is wrong. But what’s wrong with the horse? A hair analysis could be the solution.

The purpose of a horse hair analysis is to test the organism for its state of health. Both general vitality tests and specialized tests (detailed tests) can be performed. With a horse hair analysis, even medications/preparations/feed can be tested for compatibility with the organism. Horse hair analysis has many benefits, the relevant explanations will be referred to. The benefits to owners, trainers, veterinarians, physical therapists/osteopaths/chiropractors, and studs and breeders are highlighted below.

Chronic diseases can only be detected by hair or tissue samples. A blood test is not able to do this.

Advantages of horse hair analysis for a horse owner

  • Securing the purchase of a healthy, vital horse
  • Indications of congenital diseases
  • Information about current, partly also past illnesses / operations
  • Assessment of performance and performance potential (Champion horse / Riding horse)
  • Facilitate communication between owner and trainer
  • Assessment of the compatibility of feed
  • Information on the effectiveness / recommendation of drugs


You want to buy a horse and be sure that the horse has no chronic diseases? I can help you. With a hair analysis you can secure the purchase of a horse. Contact a therapist for more help at +49 171-578 3744.


Advantages of horse hair analysis for a horse trainer

  • Assessment of the current state of health
  • Assessment of performance potential (champion horse / race horse)
  • Psychological stress of the horse (e.g. before horse races, before transports, etc.)
  • A lot of information about the horse, which can be shared with the veterinarian, chiropractor, feed specialist, etc.
  • Arguments and evidence for owner why his horse is currently not performing so well
  • Intolerance regarding feed
  • Information regarding the risk of allergic reactions (pollen, herbs, grasses, etc.)
  • Tips for handling the horse, which are also important for horse personnel
  • Drug intolerances
  • Indications of developing diseases / infections (e.g. laminitis)
  • Detection of doping agents and drugs
  • Indications of whether a horse has problems with the staff
  • Explanations on why a horse no longer reaches its performance limit
  • Detection of a horse’s behavioral problems (e.g., cribbing, weaving, etc.)
  • Information about psychological problems (e.g. feeling comfortable in the lot or box or not)
  • Facilitates communication between owner and trainer

As a horse trainer, do you want to explain to the horse owner what is really going on with their horse? I can help you. With a hair analysis the actual causes are found out. Act now.

Benefits of horse hair analysis for a veterinarian

  • Indications regarding incipient diseases
  • Information on interactions of different drugs
  • Indications of which medications work particularly well / poorly on a horse
  • Indications of distressed organs / vessels (e.g. heart, stomach, aorta)
  • Psychosomatic stress (which may prevent healing of other diseases)
  • Information on poisoning
  • Detailed analyses of specific organs / vessels / diseases (e.g. COPD, ECS, RAO, IAD, pulmonary hemorrhage, etc.)
  • Psychological disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress, etc.)

Every veterinarian knows: Sometimes the causes for a disease lie somewhere else. With a hair analysis, the true cause is revealed.

Benefits of a horse hair analysis for a physiotherapist/osteopath/chiropractor

  • Specific information as to which vertebra is not seated correctly (e.g. 7th thoracic vertebra tilted to the left)
  • Information on causes of impairment of the spine (e.g. saddle pressure)
  • Notes on side bending and/or lateral strain
  • Information about misalignments of vertebrae / joints
  • Information on bone structure, supporting and musculoskeletal system

The spine and joints have been manipulated / mobilized several times, but the symptoms are still present. A hair analysis can provide the decisive clue.

Advantages of horse hair analysis for studs and breeders

  • Health condition of the horse, which is prepared for mating
  • Health condition of the mare after birth
  • Assessment of foal health
  • Information about hereditary diseases
  • Information on congenital diseases
  • Assessment of the vitality of the horse
  • Evaluation of the performance potential of dam and / or foal (champion horse / riding horse)

A horse with “bad” genes should not be used for breeding. The health of the dam is also extremely important. A hair analysis shows whether the conditions for healthy and “successful” offspring are given. Request your hair analysis today.